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Stuck somewhere between alt country, punk, and americana, Garrett Wheeler's music has something for just about everyone.

Since becoming musically active and gigging heavily at age 15, Garrett has played countless shows across Georgia, Florida, and the southeast. Playing anywhere from acclaimed music venues and listening rooms, to dive bars where you're afraid to touch the door handles.

Garrett's newest release, Nobody's Singing Along, released in October of 2021. The four song EP showcases Garrett's evolution, manifesting into a sound that, while not dated,  still wouldn't sound out of place on a 90's college radio station with an affinity for Uncle Tupelo, Whiskeytown, and the Old 97s.

"I didn't feel like I was doing anything too wrong before, but with the new EP it definitely feels like things are going right." - Garrett

Nobody's Singing Along was recorded in the early months of 2021 in Cartersville, GA with Daniel Lieving as head engineer. The EP features lead guitar work from Shane Boeker (of American Aquarium) on multiple tracks, as well as pedal steel from Austin Harper (of Hunter Blalock & the Sad Machine).

“[Garrett Wheeler’s] songwriting breathes new life into outlaw country without taking away the bassy vocals and astute lyricism that makes the genre so influential on American country music,” said Kelley Bostain, creator of the Off-Trail Originals video series.



Album Cover.png

1. Getting Along
2. This Road I'm On
3. Coming Home
4. Birmingham
5. Lily
6. These Troubles
7. Highwayman
8. Now That You're Gone (After Hours)

Recorded in Cartersville, GA at the Afterdark Studio

Mixed & Mastered by Donny Hammonds

Nobody's Singing Along - EP (2021)

Nobody's Singing Along Cover art 3000x3000.PNG

1. Better Me and You
2. This Time
3. Demons
4. Alone Out Here

Recorded in Cartersville, GA at Daniel Lieving's home studio

Mixed & Mastered by Adriel Garcia

Garrett Wheeler - Vocals, Guitar, Bass
Shane Boeker - Lead Guitar
Woody Earwood - Piano
Austin Harper - Pedal Steel
Daniel Lieving - Lead Guitar, Bass, Keys
Javier Toban - Drums


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