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"Garrett Wheeler" CD

"Garrett Wheeler" CD

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If Garrett Wheeler’s first 2017 singles were a prologue, then his 2020 self-titled record, Garrett Wheeler, establishes a strong opening chapter for the upcoming artist. 


Garrett Wheeler, 18,  is a singer songwriter from Kennesaw, Georgia. He released his debut single “This Road I'm On“ in 2017, which established his footing in roots music. His new Self-Titled album explores a more diverse soundscape, taking more influence from barebones rock & roll and songwriters such as Ryan Adams than the folky sounds of his earlier singles. Even with a rougher sound, it is obvious he is still striving to showcase the lyrics of the songs and the stories they tell.


The Self-Titled release is Wheeler’s first full album. The record is hard to pin down as one genre; It’s a bit too twangy for rock, but a bit too punk for country. This doesn’t stop the album from having a cohesive feel with the energy of a live wire.


The album was recorded and produced by Donny Hammonds at the Afterdark Studios in Cartersville, Ga. Local songwriter Jayna Jennings and banjo-picker Preston Smith (of the Chip McGuire Band) are also featured on the record.


“[Garrett Wheeler’s] songwriting breathes new life into outlaw country without taking away the bassy vocals and astute lyricism that makes the genre so influential on American country music,” said Kelley Bostain, creator of the Off-Trail Originals video series.

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